Auto White Widow®

White Widow Auto. White Widow is a classic genre … This variety is the cross between the best male Critical Autoflowering plant with the original White Widow clone. Thanks to this crossword it was able to preserve the look of the plant and the characteristic tart and sweet taste and resin production typical of White Widow. The only difference is the greater CBD production, which translates into more physically intoxicating action than the normal White Widow. Widow is distinguished from other varieties that it has better medical action. The leaves are wide, dark-green and covered with resin. By moving your hand through the leaves you can immediately feel the enchanting aroma. The white widows’ heads are large, dense and compact, heavily resin coated, and do not have too many leaves. Sexual stability of these plants is very important, so they were selected very carefully to avoid hermaphrodites. After two years of persistent and tedious work, selecting only the best of hundreds of plants, you can be sure that this SPACE SEEDS line is stable, homogeneous and gives you the best quality product.

100% Auto Feminized
Space Seeds
Indoor & Outdoor
50% Indica / 50% Sativa White Widow / Critical
100 - 200cm
Psychoactive, Happiness, Euphoria
50-65 days
250g( outdoor plant)