Auto White Russian®

Auto White Russian – Space Seeds is a feminine hybrid of the dominant Indian. Its non-uniform buds have a more open structure, which makes it less  than other varieties of similar size. The plant is completely covered with white-frosted trichomes. The height of these plants does not exceed the border between 80cm – 110cm. With the right amount of light we can get a good yield up to 160g / plant but nevertheless these are quite high indicators described by the manufacturer. Most varieties with these genes in temperate climates do not exceed 80g from the plant. One thing we are sure of is the power of the White Russian which  rewards every sacrifice of its time.

100% Auto Feminized
Space Seeds
Indoor & Outdoor
70% Indica / 30% Sativa White Widow / AK47
80 - 110cm
50-60 days
80-160g (outdoor plant)