Auto Maxi Gom®

In order to provide the largest possible 100% automatic plant, we crossed the best Auto AK with a wonderful auto-flowering Critical variety. The effect was astonishing and surprising at the same time. MAXI GOM is a 100% pure Big Bud, with a very large, central, fatty top. The top is lined with lateral branches rich in hard-packed flowers. MAXI Gom is completely covered with white resin. The smell of this thriving plant is usually sweet and fruity, it can take decisively citrus or exotic tones, resembling mango and pineapple. Particular attention should be paid to the cultivation of this plant as it is very susceptible to mold. One should especially consider it in its last stages of puberty. Everything because of its appearance: large size and small upper flowers.

100% Auto Feminized
Space Seeds
Indoor & Outdoor
90% Indica / 20% Sativa Auto Critical/ Mass/ Auto AK47/ Lowryder #2
100 - 130cm
Relax, Happiness
50-60 days
100-150g (outdoor plant)