Auto AK-47®

All the best from AK47 has been left intact from the beautiful aromas and resin inlaid buds through unique bud construction and amazing power. The appropriate hybrid makes this plant practiced practically everywhere. This variety is especially praised by the connoisseurs who allow it to grow on balconies, terraces, ordinary boxes – in a word it is achievable for practically every collector. Automatic AK47 grows vegetatively for about 14 days, then its growth is very fast until the flowering period. In the next 60 days there is a period of rich branching, the tops swelling and coating the resin glands. AK-47 will shine like dusted with fine diamonds. The smell and aroma is quite intense. There are two variants of aroma; first – is quite sharp and the other sweet, but both types give a similar final effect. After about 60 days you can get early harvest of high quality marijuana. The AK-47 from Space Seeds, in comparison with other variants of this category, produces larger and larger collections. We believe that this type of Automatic AK47 is the strongest self-healing hybrids.

100% Auto Feminized
Space Seeds
Indoor & Outdoor
20% Indica / 80% Sativa Lowryder x AK-47
about 100cm
Euphoric, chillout
about 8 weeks
60-100g (outdoor plant)